Pitching, pitching…

By Tobia Wyss July 16, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Livelo project

We want to briefly share with you the evolution of our project after the first week of our China trip that has been spent in Hong Kong, as it can be read in the various blog posts.

During this week, the focus has been put on pitching. Before taking the flight to Hong Kong, we participated in a pitching workshop, were we learned some tricks and guidelines for how to write and deliver a pitch. In the last couple of days we had then several opportunities to pitch in different environments and to different audiences, such as coworking spaces (MakerHive), incubator team (Brinc), etc. On one side, this allowed everybody to try to pitch, and to work on the delivery skills. On the other side, it allowed us to refine, through several iteration, the quality of the pitch structure and content. We are very satisfied with the achieved improvements and we are looking forward to pitching again in the next days.

From a less technical perspective, we are fully enjoying the trip, not only seeing new places but also deepening our understanding of China, its culture and current situation and challenges as rising world-leading country. Last but not least, this experience and the good group energy is melting all the participants to a tight-knit team!