Prototyping stage #1

By Stefania Sergi March 11, 2019 Edition CHIC 2018-2019Discover Heptabox project

Dear readers,

From Milestone2, we first defined the possible different scenarios that a user can have with the interaction of our product. This helped us to analyse and define also the user experience for every actor: doctor, pharmacist, nurse, relatives ‘patient, patient and the data flow.

Now, we are finalizing the technical features in order to build our first prototype and get ready for Milestone 3 and 4. All members’ knowledges are crucial in the next phases of our project. Jeanne and I will focus on the business part such as the creation of an elevator pitch and our business model.  On the other hand, the rest of the group will focus on the engineering part. Such a great interdisciplinary team!

The goal for Milestone 4 is to present our prototype that will show all the interactions between the different engineers with software, mechanical and electrical background.

Moreover, we have another amazing news to announce you!
At the end of May, we will take part at the UBS Innovation Challenge which is a competition jointly organized by the School of Management Fribourg and UBS Switzerland AG, which aim is to stimulate innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship within the student community.

Such a lot of work to do but we are ready to take up the challenge!

Stay tuned!