Speeding up Tengo in Shenzhen!

By Tomas Turner July 17, 2019 Edition CHIC 2018-2019Discover Tengo project

Hey everyone!

When knowing who to ask, so many things are doable in Shenzhen!

This morning together, Tomas and Ethan found a place at 10:00 where to weld the hinges to the box and repair a couple of details. By 12:00 it was done

The same day we wanted to do powder coating. Even though it looked impossible we managed to get the contact of a company thanks to Vivi’s help at 14:00. At 16:00 Tomas was at the Shanjing metro station to be picked up by their car. At 19:00, after 3 hours of discussion, drinking tea and more and more people coming in the office to discuss and trying to understand what to do we came to an understanding! At 20:00 I was at a seafood restaurant with Teddy, the boss, and his family. They are really nice people 🙂 Tomorrow at 16:00 they will have the prototype powder coated.

What a day.

Soon, Tengo might appear in Shenzhen 😉

Everything can happen in this city, so stay tuned!


Team Vukovi