Project management – 2nd workshop

By Charaf-ed-dine El Fattahi November 2, 2019 Edition CHIC 2019-2020

Last Tuesday took place our second workshop for the CHIC adventure.  The workshop was on project management, a crucial point in any project.

We were put in different groups, and work on a mini-project. It was about designing a workplace for a Robotic competition, a place where teams can build their robots. The mini-project had to be done in 45 minutes. During this time we had to list the objects that we need in the Robotic Lab, taking the budget into account (which was limited to 100K CHF). Then we had to order these objects and place them in the Lab-plan. Every team managed to finish their project, but not all of them were satisfied. Some of us thought that they could’ve done more if  they managed better their time. An important thing that we observed in this workshop is that the first 15 mins the group works were calm, everyone is taking his/her time. the more we get close to the end, things start to rush and some people panic. All in all, time management is crucial, and in our team we are trying to implement this for a better outcome.

See you next week !