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Our team is composed of four determinate men who are based in Ticino, each with a different skill set : Fabian who has c [...]

People involved

Siegfried Alberton is professor of Economics of innovation. He leads the inno3 Competence Centre at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. His research interests, publications and service activity cover the fields of economics of innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial dynamics, regional economics, innovation and entrepreneurship policy, innovation and entrepreneurship metrics.
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  • Siegfried Alberton

  • Supervisor
Massimo Botta is the Head of the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design at SUPSI.
He held a PhD in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at the Polytechnic of Milan and he carries on a research activity in the field of interaction design, graphical users interfaces, knowledge organization and information visualization systems.
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  • Massimo Botta

  • Supervisor
Serena Cangiano is researcher and interaction designer interested in open source innovation, maker education, platforms and ecosystems design for social impact. She holds a Ph.D. in Design Sciences on the topic of Products as Platforms. At SUPSI University, she leads the master programme Maind, the project Re-programmed Art and the FabLab SUPSI.
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  • Serena Cangiano

  • Coordinator
Tiziano Leidi received the Inf. Eng. degree from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and the Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies from EPF Lausanne, Switzerland. He is research scientist and teacher at the Department of Innovative Technology (DTI), University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). His scientific interests include multimedia signal processing, parallel programming, software architectures and software development tools.
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  • Tiziano Leidi

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Marco works at SUPSI Laboratory of visual culture as interaction designer and both software and electronics engineer in research projects about interactive museum exhibitions, web for accessibility, digital fabrication for assistive devices as well as teaching and coaching. Since 2017 Marco is co-manager of FabLab SUPSI Lugano and collaborator at Atelier Blumer, course held by Ricardo Blumer at USI Architecture Academy. He co-founded Actuators, a network of designers in Lugano developing maker education kits and workshops for local cultural organisations.
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  • Marco Lurati

  • Supervisor