Welcome to the page of our Okeep project, aimed at improving security for bikes.

With the beginning of the new semester comes the real start of our project. Until now, we’ve been learning and brainstorming a lot, throwing ideas in all directions. It is now time to take decisions and work to make this real!

In the process of all those dynamic discussions, we realised that the connected handles we had first imagined were not the solution we wanted. Handlebars come in many different sizes and shapes and fitting a device inside each side is not convenient. This is why we are now working on a connected device plugged in the middle of the handlebar, coupled with a rear device on the saddle tube.

In order to verify our assumptions we designed a survey and we are currently getting responses. Don’t hesitate to have a look at it and answer it for us here: http://goo.gl/forms/8BqXXd4gpj.

We are also examining different possible Business Models. Our engineering team has defined the ideal and working specifications and they are selecting their components for the first tests. Come back regularly to follow our progress on this challenging project !