OKEEP is a connected bicycle helmet for urban areas. It is designed to bring you safety with style. Be seen with front & back lights. Be anticipated with blinkers, and be guided with an audio GPS.


Safety guaranteed with visibility, anticipation and focus

Death angels, visibility, distraction to find your way… Many things make cycling in urban areas dangerous. Thus OKEEP’s mission is to provide elements making cyclists safer...

Safety, convenience and style

Riding in a city can be dangerous and tricky, OKEEP is here to change that.


Be seen

With a powerful white front light (150 lumens) and a red tail light, drivers will see you much better.

Be anticipated

From a button fixed on your handlebar, you can activate the helmet blinkers visible on 180°.

Find your way easily

With tiny speakers integrated you will be able to hear the GPS of your smartphone while still perfectly hearing your surroundings.

Style always matters...

The design of the helmet was one of our main concern. Inspired by trendy clothes the helmet offer a great look.

Connected and meant to be useful

“One app for all cycling purposes.” is the challenge we tried to undertake. Open the OKEEP App and see right away the weather arond you. When you do not know the way, enter your destination to be guided in the city with a preference to bike lanes.

Application render

Team members

Patrick is studying Microengineering at EPFL. He was in Sydney last year to study at UNSW. He's keen on fiddling with electronics and spends most of his time working on small robots.
Profile picture of Patrick Bobbink
  • Patrick Bobbink

  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering
  • EPFL
Adrien is 22 years old and studies Information System at HEC Lausanne. He likes new technologies, science-fiction movies and sport. Adrien grew up in Paris (Boulogne-Billancourt exactly) then moved to Lausanne to do the bachelor at HEC. For the third year he went to Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Lousiana, USA. In September Adrien plans to learn German in Zurich then he will do an internship to finish the master degree.
Profile picture of Adrien Born
  • Adrien Born

  • Business
  • UNIL
Né en France en 1993, Victor arrive en Suisse en 2013 pour poursuivre ses études de design industriel à l'ECAL, Lausanne. Pour lui, renforcer la sécurité des cyclistes lors de leurs déplacements, c'est défendre un mode de vie local et encourager les modes de transports non polluants.
Profile picture of Victor Guittet
  • Victor Guittet

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
After 2 years studying engineering at EPFL, Audrey finished her Bachelor degree on exchange in Singapore. She’s now back to Lausanne for her Master degree in Robotics and Autonomous Systems with a Minor in Energy. Audrey loves traveling and discovering new cultures. She has been backpacking around South-East and East Asia but hasn’t visited any part of China yet. She also likes volleyball, acrobatics and journaling.
Profile picture of Audrey Marullaz
  • Audrey Marullaz

  • Firmware Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Pablo Perez
  • Pablo Perez

  • User Experience
  • ECAL
Mikhail is 23 years and is in the master program of Electrical Engeneering with emphasis on information technologies. After 2 years at EPFL he went on an exchange to the University of Waterloo in Canada to complete his Bachelor degree and is now back to EPFL. He likes to travel and discover uncommon places and cultures, and has already been to all the continents except Oceania and Antarctica, but never been to China yet. He is always on the look for new experiences and likes unusual sports such as freediving and speedriding.
Profile picture of Mikhail Vorobiev
  • Mikhail Vorobiev

  • Software Engineering
  • EPFL

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