Week 2 is now over  and it was a productive one ! Our team has mainly been discussing the different possibilities to power our device: dynamo, solar panel, or lithium battery…? The choice is hard but crucial !

Adrien worked on different business models and thought of a B2B type. It could indeed be convenient to have the device already set up when buying a bike.  He also attended a crowdfunding conference and learned valuable informations about different platforms and that a smart strategy is necessary for success.

A few interviews were made and especially to a student living in Copenhagen, where bikes are used a lot and in a different way than in Lausanne !

Now it is time to define an approximate selling price for our device ! Next week another survey will be made… This time in English, in order to obtain more responses and more diversity.

Patrick placed the first order so that he can then experiment a first prototype with different components. He has basically been reading datasheets every single day to figure out the best components for this ! He also made functional diagrams of the hardware to have a better view of the electrical components while Audrey was making her own functional diagrams for the firmware.

The app is on its way, first mock-ups were made and all the basic needs are written down. Soon it will be time to code ! By the way, it will be an Android version.

See you soon for more updates !

“OKeep eyes on the road, hands on the handles” 😉