Journey into our daily life

By Alexis Duburcq March 8, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Aimo project

The spirit of CHIC is not only about designing an innovative connected device, but also rushing to be able to do it right in a very short period of 6 weeks. We are very excited by the challenge and we have set up an efficient organization to match our demanding mission : Bring Aimo to life ! And as you will see, that’s a lot of different tools !

The backbone is Slack. This tool allows us to discuss, exchange ideas, share documents, plan our meetings (at the bar), or even conspiring against its partners ! Hence, we can stay focused, motivated, and consolidate a friendship. As you can see we are very talkative, with approximately 1500 messages a week !


But that’s not all, we also use Trello and Asana to keep track of our time schedule, recall us the deadlines and allocate the workload. Delays are now our worst nightmare :

instagantt trello

Now, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Paper come in to complete the whole picture. They help use manage our resources, collaborate, and share our progress with our mentors.

And last but not least, to be connected with the real world, we have our own blog, have a look !

Soon, an update on the progress of the project !