The first connected mailbox lock that will turn your traditional mailbox into a safe and shared deposit box!


Unlock a new way of sharing

Aimo will allow you to open your mailbox using your smartphone, thanks to a virtual key. No need for a physical key anymore! And the plus? You will be able to share those keys with your friends, family and neighbors without needing their presence!

Locked and shared

Ever wanted to share a book with someone but couldn’t meet? Or felt unsecure to leave a key in the mailbox? No worries…


No more physical key

Open your mailbox with one push, with your phone in your pocket, thanks to bluetooth.

Guaranteed security

The lock is made of steel and designed to be unbreakable with common tools.

Share keys with your entourage

Send personalized email invitations to access your mailbox through the mobile application.


Aimo works with a mobile application that the user can download for free.

Open your mailbox automagically

Through the Aimo application, you will be able to manage and share your virtual keys, on which you can set an expiration date. And don’t worry, you won’t need to open the application every time you want to open your mailbox. Just keep your smartphone in your pocket!

Application render

Team members

I completed my Bachelor of Management at HEC Lausanne and am currently doing my Master in Information Systems at HEC Lausanne. I like new challenges and working together with people having different backgrounds. The CHIC experience will allow us to create something new and great as well as taking advantage of the different competences and skills brought by the different members of the team. In the past I have worked at Credit Suisse in a team of regional IT project managers and have learned a lot there about collaboration between people working in different fields. I my free time I love to listen to and play music.
Profile picture of Sara Baracchini
  • Sara Baracchini

  • Business
  • UNIL
I am design student and I have been passionate about the shapes of every objects around me since I was a child. I also love nature, good food and sliding sports such as snowboard and surf. I'm very curious and open minded. I think that Chic will be a great opportunity for me to work in a team with so many different skills.
Profile picture of Jean-Baptiste Bruyère
  • Jean-Baptiste Bruyère

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
I graduated from EPFL with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences. In parallel of my studies, I had the chance to work for several startups. I love the spirit emerging from those places filled of creativity and skills. To me, CHIC is a great opportunity to work on a practical project in team where each member brings his own field of expertise. I must admit that I am really eager to see where this adventure will lead us!
Profile picture of Jonathan Link
  • Jonathan Link

  • Software Engineering
  • EPFL
I am passionate about robotics and innovation since my childhood. Freelance and self-learning, I'm curious and I always give priority to action over reflection. This allowed me to take part of several big projects and work for one of the most advanced startup in robotics. I think CHIC is the best opportunity for me to take advantage of my past experiences and already acquired knowledge of connected devices and entrepreneurship on a unique project to carry out from design and prototyping to manufacturing, and all this within a stimulating team involving six people with different training and background.
Profile picture of Alexis Duburcq
  • Alexis Duburcq

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • EPFL
I am a student in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL, Lausanne. Since childhood I always have the habit of analyzing our everyday objects. After a multimedia designer apprenticeship, it was natural for me to continue my journey to develop and combine my competences in the fields of art, graphic design and multimedia. Today, my research are mainly directed to the contribution of technological and artistic methods in our daily life.
Profile picture of Lara Defayes
  • Lara Defayes

  • User Experience
  • ECAL
I have a bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering from Polytechnica University of Bucharest, Romania and I am currently doing a masters in robotics and space technology. I am extremely happy to help my team to built a reliable product for CHIC with my expertise in electronics engineering. During my university years, I had worked on several projects with European Space Agency and NASA, and I did an internship at CERN. Back in Romania, I was invited to several TEDx talks. As hobbies, I love to take pictures of planes and to read books regarding personal and team development.
Profile picture of Sorina Lupu
  • Sorina Lupu

  • Electronic Engineering
  • EPFL

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February 22, 2016

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