Week 3 – OKeep goes green !

By Adrien Born March 11, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Okeep project

Our connected device will be powered by a dynamo ! After considering using a solar panel (very bad idea in a city center with tall buildings), we decided to use the muscles of our users to prevent them from removing the battery every 2 weeks in order to charge it.

This decision also simplifies the hardware design as it removes one of the microcontrollers.

From a “business” and “user experience” point of view it raises a crucial question: would people be ok with installing a dynamo themselves ?

We must seek the answer to this question and if it happens to be “no”, another solution remains : a B2B business model ! We could try to collaborate with bike constructors and convince them to set up our device on their products in order to make a more attractive bike and differentiate from their competitors !

In this way shops would be more attracted by this new innovation and would probably have more chance to sell the product.