From the industrial designer point of view

By Sara Baracchini March 23, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Aimo project

How do I design a connected mailbox locker?

First of all, I need to understand perfectly the aim of the object that I want to design. This is really important!

In a second time, I collect different images that can inspire me, I observe the existing lockers to understand how they work.

Once that preliminary research is done, I try to see outside the box and look for inspiration that can come from a total other field. At that point I need to test different ways for opening a mailbox (is it something that I turn? That I push? Is it more like a normal handle door? …).

I can now make a decision and choose the best way that will perfectly fit for the required function. Now I can choose the best materials and shapes that follow this function. The materials and the shapes need to correspond perfectly to the situation (will the object be outdoor or indoor? Is it an object that will be used often?).

Also, I need to integrate the technical issues in my process and try to design an object that will be easy to produce and manufacture. Now I can make the right proportions and put the right curves and the right fillets in order to create a beautiful object in the context of use. I choose a nice finish and a nice coulour in the end.

Now you know more about the design process! Not that straight-forward, right?


Here are some images of my progresses!

Article by JB.