Milestone 1 behind!

By Sara Baracchini March 29, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Aimo project

We hope everyone had a great Easter!

We are happy to have survived the first milestone! For this step, which took place last Friday, we basically needed to present in front of the “jury” (the professors from the different universities) all the progresses that we’ve made during the last month. We were proud to show our hard work!

On the business side, we’ve decided for now to focus on the inhabitants of all kind as customers as they are the on with who we tested our hypotheses and we got a positive feedback. For the future, we are thinking about testing potential partnerships with universities and post officies to see if they would be interested in Aimo.

As you read last week, our industrial designer is progressing really well on the design of Aimo but of course there are questions remaining about the materials and the shape of the final objetct!

On the engineering side, I’m not a professional so I wouldn’t want to risk saying some mistakes but I think that I’m pretty safe saying that everyone and everthing is progressing really well. Regarding the mecanics, Alexis has worked a lot and we have 3D printed our components and it’s pretty promising! Regarding the software, Link is coding the app and with Sorina who worked on the electronics, they have been able to show us some working interactions. Getting closer to a prototype, yay!

Look at some pictures of our progresses towards a prototype:

3D printing Master the process Prototyping

To sum up, we are happy with our progresses and results even if, obviously, we still have a lot of work so stay tuned!

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