Milestone 2 behind!

By Sara Baracchini May 1, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Aimo project

Time is passing by so fast! Only one milestone left before we go to China! Let’s look at what has been done on the business side during the last month.

I focused on the competitor analysis and therefore the positioning of Aimo on the market and have also run the second round of face-to-face interviews with potential customers.

On the competitors’ side, we need to consider several categories of products.
First of all, we have the smart locks, that are destined for apartments or house doors. In this category, we find several competitors.
Then, we have the complete connected mailbox. There are less competitors in this category. These are either oriented towards the tracking of the mail or common/public mailboxes.
We also have the mailboxes’ smart accessories that aim mainly to monitor your mail. So it is more about knowing when you got mail or when someone opens your mailbox.
And finally, we have connected padlocks, that are used as traditional padlocks but with remote control through the smartphone.

With Aimo, we aim to differentiate ourselves by first of all lowering our costs and therefore our price considerably in comparison to the existing smart locks on the market. We also will differentiate ourselves on the brand image side. The house door locks need to have a serious look since they need to inspire strict confidence, but with our connected lock being implemented on mailboxes, we can add a friendly/fun side, and still be trustworthy and serious.

You can have a look of the schema below representing our competition landscape.

Competitors MatrixAimo_VP_Inhab_2

Regarding the interviews, as you can see on the picture above, I am always upgrading my value proposition canvas. Anyway, we found out that most people want to buy Aimo because of the key sharing feature and therefore the ability to use the mailbox as a locker. They like the fact that they can share goods without constraints, in a controlled manner and also with safety. They like that the mailbox is still their own, so it doesn’t become a common box or public good but they can share when they want and to who they want.

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