Week 11- Almost there !

By Adrien Born May 17, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Okeep project

This is the last run before the final milestone next week !

An initial version of the electronics is here. So far one mistake has been found and solved, the other one is still being investigated. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth communication is not working, so that’ll make things a bit hard to test!

The OKeep website is being prepared and so will social media accounts.

Concerning the price, OKeep should be sold between 200 and 300 $ although it is hard to test it and to know the margin yet.

We received feedbacks from the last milestone and some good ideas were thrown. For example, before taking the bike the helmet could show the weather (with the leds) so we would know without even using our smartphone if a jacket is necessary.

Tonight the team meets and we will discuss about the integration of the PCB in the helmet.

We are getting closer to a truly functional prototype ! 😉