Day 7, First day in Shenzhen!

By Mikhail Vorobiev July 18, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Okeep project

Finally, the first day of work is here, everyone is very excited to start implementing their prototypes. But first things first: we need a lot of strength to get through this day. The hotel buffet is here to accommodate everyone:


So many dishes, what to try first?



Adrien having trouble to choose


It is a good thing that we have 10 days to try everything.


After breakfast we all went to the first office of Seeedstudio. As they are moving to a new one this week, we visited the first one, but we will mostly be working at the new place. The old offices seemed quite busy and had a lot of people working there. Ivy Yu gave us a nice presentation about SeeedStudio organisation and then we went on a small tour around the facilities. All the equipment and parts available where quite impressive. Almost everything we needed was there:


Finally, we are here


Ivy explains to us the different aspects of Seeedstudio work


A huge space for makers to work and share their experience


The box looked better from the outside. Must be an unfinished project…


A lot of machines available…


…and some more


All the components that anyone could need


The main philosophy of SeeedStudio is to connect makers around the world to share and create together. Everything that is done there is done using Open Source programs and is available for everyone to get some inspiration.

After the visit of the old offices we went to have a Chinese lunch in a restaurant nearby. All the dishes came in big portions, so everyone could share them. The deep-fried bananas where an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

After lunch we went to visit the new offices of SeeedStudio, where we will be working. We had the chance to all get some fancy new clothes, so we can visit the PCB assembly lines. All the PCBs are assembled, soldered and controlled before being packed and sent out.






After the visit we finally settled in our head quarters. 2 rooms, 2 groups in each room and 30°C, naturally a war emerged on the control of the Air Conditioning, while waiting for the components.




An extra fan was added to help tikku cope with the heat


Unfortunately the wait for components still continues. For most of the groups only half of them arrived and mistakes where made on the PCBs, so it is a difficult start, and not a lot of work has been done in this first day. We could not even get the easy parts, because they where still in the old offices, and would only get to the new ones earliest tomorrow. Let’s hope they will, but in the mean time an alternative solution is adopted: we will go to the Huaqianbei electronics market for everything we can find to advance our prototypes. Wish us luck and stay tuned to get all the information about the advancement!