Day 3 & 4 – soon 1st functional prototype

By Adrien Born July 21, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Okeep project

Yesterday Adrien tried to go to a bike shop to see the helmets sold and get insight about the market in Shenzen but unfortunately once arrived at the destination there was nothing.

The rest of team worked at Seeed, fortunately we received all components so Patrick was able to start working on the PCBs.

Victor finally finished the 3D file of the box at 3 a.m. so this morning we went to Huaquiangbei to ask for the 3D printing, hopefully we will have it by tomorrow.


On the software part Mikhail realized a little issue, Google Map API do not allow to «re-create » a navigation app. The solution comes from Open Street map and Graphhopper that offer open source API.

Pablo kept working on the website and the app, the design is improving !

Last night Audrey and Victor pitched in front of Chinese markers, it was very interesting to hear their feedback and questions.


Today we went to HAX, the biggest Start-up accelerator, it was passionating to hear from Benjamin about some of the hardware start-up growing. Then we had the chance to pitch our projects and obtain very good advices.