Not every day is an easy day

By Svetlana Ershova July 21, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Tikku project

Time is going so quickly and we did not noticed how Wednesday was over! Then my blogpost will cover 2 days.

Yesterday the work was efficient and quick. The quick market study in the morning showed me, that there was no place for our product in the area we live. The shopping places generally contain very expensive clothes and shoes. But no musical, games or toys stores. But I found out an interesting thing, that I never have seen in Europe. In the shopping malls, which are by the way huge, you can find large areas full with games and machines. Parents come here with their children to let them play these games. To be honest, I was a bit shocked, because the place looked like a nightclub: very loud music, blinking LEDs everywhere etc… And the games there were violent: war, car racing or box! To access these areas, people have to pay. For one game the cost seems low, but let’s admit, that you do not come here to play only one game.

Meanwhile the PCB guy Szabi was working on the testing to correct mistakes and the software specialists improved the code and implemented the multiplayer option.

In the evening CHIC met a group of Chinese makers and presented them the projects. A part of the audience did not understand English and Yumeng interpreted each sentence of the entire CHIC presentation. What an amazing performance, which last almost 2 hours!

Today in the morning we visited HAX and presented them our projects. Last night we did a lot of changes in our pitch to make it different from the others and try to improve. But actually, we went too far and the result was less convincing. But that’s how it works! We learn by making mistakes :).

In the afternoon back to Seeedstudio… without the board and the stencils. Cry, tears and disappointment. Luckily we managed to bring them and worked on the remaining PCBs!

Hopefully we can finish them tomorrow! Good night!