OKEEP’s last days in Shenzen

By Adrien Born July 27, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Okeep project

Time went fast, this post is catching up on all we did those past days.

Day 5: On Friday the whole team went to Seed to work hard. Patrick were able to place every components on the PCBs and agree with Victor on how to integrate them in the helmet.


Day 6: Saturday we had a hackathon consisting on prototyping three innovations for the International Red Cross; crutches, a treatment reminder and a body tag. At the end of the day every group had to pitch their ideas through skype to the head of the Innovation Department.

crutchesDay 7: Sunday was off and some of us went to Window of the World, a micro remake of the main monuments of the world.

Day 8: Monday we went to Huawei and visited the production line of their smartphone. It was very impressive to see all these machines working, although it is quite automated, human workforce is still needed for few tasks. In the afternoon we went to StarPrototype, a company specialized in the making of object in almost any material and with almost any shape.


Once back at the hotel we were happy to see our 3D parts printed ! (see blog post HUAWEI, STARPROTOTYPE AND SSIP)

Day 9: Tuesday morning we visited DJI, the biggest Drone Company of the world, it was very interesting to see a Chinese Company with such an international culture. In the afternoon Audrey, Patrick and Victor went to Seeed to keep working on OKEEP. The rest of team visited BGI a company hosted in Shenzen able to sequence genomics. (see blog post DAY 15 – DJI AND BGI VISITS)

Day 10 – last day: Wednesday a part of the team were interviewed for the CHIC movie that should be ready in September. We are quite excited to watch it !


Then we went the new office of Seed Studio where we tested the communication. We encountered a little issue, whenever the blinkers are turned on, the front light also start blinking…

test communication

Victor integrated all components in the helmet, we are getting there !


After an hour or two there it is, working almost perfectly: the very first real prototype of OKEEP !!


What an adventure since the first day, although it is not over we made a huge progress and we learnt so much ! The whole OKEEP team thanks CHIC !