3 teams, 3 universes

By Marc Laperrouza October 29, 2017 Edition CHIC 2017-2018

3 teams have emerged from an ideation week-end packed with a lot of exercises and teamwork. Sunday started with a graphic jam warm-up (see below).

It was followed by the Mix & Mash during which students presented their problem/solution and gathered feedback. They then individually pitched their ideas in front of everybody in a 1-minute format before voting on each others’ ideas.

Teams formed after the lunch break around 3 universes: urban community, water management and wellness at work. They immediately started working on a team image, initial team name and mini-pitch. The result is: CHIRCLE, NAPaC and FLUID.

In between we managed to introduce everybody to the CHIC learning environment (Trello, community.chi.camp).

Teams have to write their blog post by next Friday so stay tuned if you want to find out more!