1st meeting of the year 2018

By Amandine Gini January 7, 2018 Edition CHIC 2017-2018Discover Flowlin project

As we all are on holidays some of the team members couldn’t come to this meeting. Kevin managed to be present via Skype which is also a great way for communication!


Sandra started with a very important feedback, the one of our first prototype “WORKING” (image on the last blog post). By using it at her office with 2 of her coworkers she realised things that should be resolved or taken into consideration:


  • As the object is pretty flat it is not visible to everyone
  • She realised people needed to know when there coworkers are available or can be interrupted.


With this information we understood that our object should be more visible and also need to have a sort of timer, which keeps the user and the others informed about the remaining time of the user’s concentration/ working mode. We are also still discussing whether we should imagine the object for a B2B or B2C context. But for such a decision we need the entire team and also more information. Therefore, we set a few interviews, which should help us to decide. 

Alternatives of this object for a desk


This is it for now, we will keep you updated and we wish the best to all the other students for this stressful exam period!


Your Chircle Team