A smart object that makes it easy to stay focused at work by preventing interruptions from coworkers and apps


Staying focused is hard.

In this distracted and distracting world, getting the best out of our abilities is more difficult than ever.

So we made Flowlin.

Now, you can simply tell Flowlin for how long you would like to stay focused and Flowlin will:


1. Turn on the backlight to indicate to your co-workers that you shouldn't be disturbed.

2. Connect to your phone and enable Do Not Disturb.

3. Connect to your computer and turn off notifications.

Application render

Team members

I'm a Master's student of Information Systems at the University of Lausanne. I already gained valuable insights about business from doing internships. CHIC is an excellent opportunity of working with a group of motivated people to create something new, to be innovative and immerse in a new and challenging experience.
Profile picture of Sandra Uebelhart
  • Sandra Uebelhart

  • Business
  • UNIL
I come from Geneva. I am currently on my second year of Bachelor at ECAL as a product designer student. I've always been curious about how things work and are made. This interdisciplinary project is such a great experience to be part of! I'm looking forward to working with the group.
Profile picture of Amandine Gini
  • Amandine Gini

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
From Geneva, for some I am Swiss, and for others French. Currently studying microengineering at EPFL with Axel, I have already had the opportunity to work on some projects outside of my studies and I am ready for new challenges (& pizzas) !
Profile picture of Kevin Sin
  • Kevin Sin

  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering
  • EPFL
I'm currently studying Interaction Design at ECAL and love to create. I've traveled around the world and built apps. Now, I'm very excited to take part in the CHIC adventure!
Profile picture of Nathan Vogel
  • Nathan Vogel

  • Software Engineering
    User Experience
  • ECAL
I'm from Turkey and currently studying masters in electronics engineering at EPFL. Has always been excited to learn and be challenged. Very excited to face the challenges of CHIC and to work in a multicultural and diverse team.
Profile picture of Berk Olcum
  • Berk Olcum

  • Electronic Engineering
  • EPFL
French - Swedish and Master's student in Microengineering.
Profile picture of Axel Nilsson
  • Axel Nilsson

  • Software Engineering
  • EPFL

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