By Romain Talou January 31, 2018 Edition CHIC 2017-2018Discover Guido project


We wrote this post on Tuesday, January 30th. And for our team, Tuesday is experimentation day.

Romain built a prototype for a bracelet that can transmit navigation information through vibrantions. The aim would be to allow a user to sense vibrations on his wrist and understand which way he has to go.

He started with a simple bracelet equipped with 4 vibrating motors and an Arduino Mini, a few cables and some good old sewing skills to be able to start testing and understand what users perceive.

For now, the limited surface on which the vibrations are localized isn’t optimal to perceive information. We need to keep tweaking and calibrating the prototype before we test it on a panel of potential users.

We also want to say that the interaction that this prototype offers isn’t especially the final vision we have for our product but we were really keen on testing it on ourselves and really understand what is the physical perception of such an interaction between an individual and a product that only existed in our heads until now.

Stay tuned for an update on our next exciting prototype!

Team Ikare