New Steps after Milestone-3

By Berk Olcum March 29, 2018 Edition CHIC 2017-2018Discover Flowlin project

Dear CHIC Community,

Last friday, as a team, we had the chance to share the evolution of the project since the kick-off weekend. We have shared new design mockups, wireframes for the app as well as two main prototypes, we have developed within this timeframe. One with display and microcontroller and the other one with phone and cardboard stand. In addition, we shared key results from the surveys and the prototype testings we conducted.

Having presented our development, we took some time during our weekly meeting to reflect on the advancement of the project. We raised some questions like “How accurately test results represent the user desires?”, “How can we better validate our value proposition assumptions?”. Discussing these topics led us to the idea of organizing more experiments with new prototypes during the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime we are working on developing our hardware prototype, exploration of design and branding possibilities and getting started with the PCB design.

Empowered with the feedbacks from potential users, we will continue our journey towards creation of the “portable, easily visible and distraction-free” product.


Stay tuned!

Your CHIRCLE – Team