Milestone 4

By Amandine Gini May 6, 2018 Edition CHIC 2017-2018Discover Flowlin project

Dear CHIC community!


The Milestone 4 is now behind us!

We were able to present a 3D printed mockup of our product, a first digital mockup of the PCB and a new direction for the branding. We could share the many feedbacks we gathered with the 6 different tests and surveys we had done so far. Also, sharing the video of our new Chrome extension: Focus booster, helped people understand better the physicality of the work profiles.


If you are interested in trying our Focus Booster, do not hesitate to download the Chrome Extension Nathan developed: Focus Booster

And please let us know about your experience with it, we keep improving thanks to the feedbacks we get!


We are now happy to reveal for you the current status of our product:


It’s a friendly connected device that will help diminish physical and digital distractions at work. No more popping notifications or emails while you are trying to finish an important task. No more interruptions from your colleagues at work.

By placing the object either on the back surface of your computer screen or simply on your desk, the soft diffused light signal will indicate your coworkers about your current status in order for them to respect your working flow. The object being connected via Bluetooth to your computer, the only action needed will be to set the duration during which you wish not to be distracted. The software will take care of the rest in order for you to be more efficient at work.



In order to improve efficiently our device and prepare for the next Milestone we still have many steps to work on:


  • Test the light (intensity, colour, shape, etc) and thanks to Kevin who did a functioning mockup of three connected LEDs I will be able to start doing so.
  • Lessen the parameters the user will have to set on the Chrome extension
  • Try our device at a professional open-space such as the one at Logitech entreprise or Rolex library
  • Improve the compatibility with cross platform port with Electron
  • Develop the bluetooth solution to block the phones
  • Test and optimize the PCB for integrating into the object


Until then we’ll keep you updated so stay tuned for more information!