Two days of work in HongKong

By Amandine Gini July 26, 2018 Edition CHIC 2017-2018Discover Flowlin project


Back to work! Monday was a very packed day. We started with a presentation at HKinvest in the morning where we got to understand better the HongKong market which is really different from the one in Shenzhen. Then we visited ModernTerminals, a container-handling and logistics service. It was mindblowing to be able to see all the containers on the port from the top floor!

They brought us also to a nearby building where Panalpina proceeded to organise, stock and send all the packages in the containers. The last event of the day was a pitch at MakerBay, another coworking space in HongKong. It was inspiring also to hear about the project of the people working at MakerBay. So many makers, so many ideas!! After Kevin and Sandra’s pitch, we ended the day in the best way possible with an amazing buffet at the workspace.

On the way back to the campus we decided to have a team meeting to discuss the future of Flowlin. It was an important milestone for us as we needed to agree on common ground. We wish to continue this project and push it as far as we can. We wish to test fully functional prototypes at the end of the year at the Rolex library in order to get precise feedbacks.


The day started around 12:00 with a conference/ pitch session at HKUST were we got to share our ideas with master students. Nathan pitched and the students gave us many feedbacks. 

We left the campus at 5pm to go Brinc, a famous accelerator in HongKong founded by Bay McLaughlin an American entrepreneur. They kindly offered us some pizza and one team after the other, as usual, pitched their project. As it was the last pitch of this trip we could really feel an amelioration compared to one at the beginning of the trip and the end was very emotional. I think we all realised the work we’ve done until now and we can definitely be proud!

Team Flowlin.