Hello 2019!

By Anne-Lise Dequenne January 6, 2019 Edition CHIC 2018-2019Discover AKANE project


Just after Christmas, we had a great last meeting of 2018 hosted by Yael who took care of us with insanely good ramen and other Japanese snacks. Looking back to the year we realized that all the Zhu Zhu members are still really motivated and so proud of taking part in the Chic project and very happy to have met each other.

At this moment, we are pretty fixed on our idea: thanks to all the inputs that MassChallenge gave us, we are going to work on a product that could lay on every workers’ desk to provide instant feedback of the actual noise exposure. Each product will be interconnected in a local network to create an overall surrounding noise map. Our next challenge is to work out at an interaction system to prevent workers from being monitored.

Everybody in the group is really busy now with all the incoming exams but we are looking forward to starting concreting the project with prototyping and so on.

To all student readers: Zhu Zhu team wishes you good luck with your exams!
We’ll be back to you soon!
ZhuZhu Team