All Inclusive Design

By Alexandre Levy October 15, 2019 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover All inclusive design project

On the week-end of the 12-13 october, we took part in the kick-off CHIC week-end. we had some workshops, ethnography, debates, all of this such as we could discover each other as well as the programm. For example, we went on the streets to oberve people, the way they interact, to understand their needs. The aim is to process a project by identifying a problem and solving it instead of finding a solution and applying it to people.As the third group, we choose to work on social integration, by creating a connected device. The team members are the following : Mathieu, who studies Information Systems (IS) at HEC and lead the group for this first day ; Alex and Yves, who studies microengineering at EPFL ;  Barbara, who studies maths at EPFL ; and Theodore, who studies design at ECAL.For the next times, the team is going to define an opportunity. We set a date to meet so we can start the brainstorming !