Final objective defined

By Martynas Savickas December 22, 2019 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover Roots project

After our presentation at the MassChallenge we received very good feedback on our project. After this presentation we defined all the final requirements and functionalities that our connected object should have. We didn’t forget to implement good suggestions that we received during our presentation.

We also divided our work by our specialties and will try to learn some new skills, by helping each other. Our engineers will search which electronics we will use and how they will communicate, the designers make some sketches on how our flower pot could look like, and our business student is making sure the product will be economically viable and desirable by the consumers. Next week we will be Christmas holidays and all the member of the team takes a break with the family. Next year we will have a more precise idea of what is possible to produce and how our product could look like.

The Applant team