Time to redefine our solution

By Christophe Schranz January 19, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover WatchOn project

Dear all,

This week was really useful for us as we had an important meeting with our supervisors. At first, we were quite confident about the way we would like to take with our solution. Thanks to our supervisors’ pieces of advice, we realized that we missed a lot of different aspects of our main subject (contraceptive pill).

Moreover, we found new competitors that offer similar solutions for our problematic. Thus it was quite difficult and frustrating for us to differentiate ourselves from them.

As many problems were revealed during this meeting, we now have to work a lot to deepen our understanding of the subject.

Here are a few tips that will definitely help us to stay on the track and imagine a good solution :

  • “How might we” is the key question. It is the main reason that drives us to help people.
  • We can differentiate our solution in many ways, and not only just about features or design (positioning, customization, and so on).
  • We need to collect a huge amount of data during the ideation stage in order to avoid future failure. This is a game-changing activity.

Research is going to be the major activity for the next weeks. We already did a quantitative survey with more than 175 answers, which helped us a lot. We look forward to developing another one and to meet the field’s experts like gynecologists.