Think, develop, evaluate and start again

By Loris Gilliand January 27, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover WatchOn project

Good evening everyone,

These last few weeks have been difficult for “Lucie et ses Garçons”.

Following our meeting with our coaches and our weekly team meeting, we took over everything from the start. After long discussions, we decided to abandon our idea regarding the contraceptive pill and thus focus on our other found opportunities.

The team was able to find the motivation to seek specific information regarding the needs of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease. We called two institutes specializing in the field to gather as much information as possible. Following the raw information received, we already have some prospects in mind and above all a greater confidence in the usefulness of the project.

Following our meeting on Monday, we were able to analyze in detail the information provided by these institutes. We have drawn the following problems :

  • The precise location at all times of people with Alzheimer’s is very important.
  • These people tend to put down and forget their objects if they are not part of their daily life or if they no longer know what the object is for (like a watch that shut down when it has no battery).
  • Being able to generate reminders (eating, drinking, appointments, etc.) would be important, according to the caregivers.

Following this, we thought of two solutions. The first being a connected watch / bracelet that would display daily tasks as well as perform GPS tracking.The second would be a watch strap that would integrate GPS tracking. We are going to recontact the institutes in order to share our ideas with them and thus integrate their feedback. Then we will do the same with our coaches.

We wish good luck to all the students who are taking exams.
Have a nice evening and see you soon.