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By Christophe Schranz February 2, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover WatchOn project

Hi everyone,

As said in the previous post, we decided to focus on the Alzheimer’s problem. Thanks to different phone interviews, we had the opportunity to find a lot of different insights and test our previous ideas. Here is a quick reminder about our two last solutions :

  • A connected watch/ bracelet that would display daily tasks as well as perform GPS tracking
  • A watch strap that would integrate GPS tracking

After discussing these options with a specialized institute, we discovered the two main difficulties for a connected object used by a person with Alzheimer  :

  • We need to build an object that doesn’t directly require any major interaction because the learning process would be too difficult for the person.
  • In case we would like to develop a kind of GPS tracker, we need to build a nice and comfortable object without any medical connotation. The purpose of this is to have the highest acceptance as possible in order to avoid the person to remove the tracker.

We have a bunch of different ideas but it is quite difficult for us to find our main differentiator. A lot of solutions already exist for this kind of problem. Thus we are going to discuss our ideas with our supervisors to get some advice.

Next week we will probably be able to give more details about the chosen solution.

Have a good week everyone!