First tests with ESP 32

By Maëlick Brochut February 9, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover The Shockeys project

Hi everyone!

This week was really fun for everybody on the team! We were on holiday, but we managed to work on our project, and actually, we made a lot of progress.

We completed the Wifi communication between two ESP32s. This was performed by Diane, who was under a coconut tree on a Caribbean Island. Indeed, the Resourceful team can work anywhere. We still need to test the communication in a crowded environment, but this is our challenge for next week.

Last week, we bought a conformal coating spray. So this week, we tested it on a simple IMU. After two hours in a salty bowl of water, the coating was still protecting the sensor. Thus, it comforts our choice to keep this technology as a barrier against sweat.

Next week is Milestone 2, and we are still following our schedule, so stayed tuned for next week as we will arrive strong!