Milestone 2

By Alessandro Pongelli February 17, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover HandiMap project

Hello Everyone,

This weekend was full of new things. We met for the first time all the group of the other schools, we had the chance to present our concept and to know the other projects, we received a good feedback and we spoke to experts. It was very interesting to see how other groups find different kind of problematics and how they achieved to resolve them. We also received a good feedback on the

Another important point for us was that we had the chance to speak to some experts in different domains that helped us to think differently and adjust our first solution. The important thing was that now we have other way to test and challenge our solution on different aspects and try to make it better.


We also came, at the end of the weekend, with the idea of our MVP (most viable product). It can be described with: “A connected device which can detect the presence of a car, send information to a server and show available parking spots on an app that can guide the user to them.”

thank you very much to all!

Nami Team