Good news for the team

By Christophe Schranz March 1, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover WatchOn project

Good evening everyone,

This week has been very encouraging for us. Since the lift-off weekend, we had a few doubts about the desirability of our watch strap.

As was rightly pointed out to us, we didn’t know whether changing the strap would mean changing the watch itself for a person with Alzheimer’s. That is why we decided to make a full-scale test.

We took the watch from a person with Alzheimer’s and replace the watch’s strap. We really feared his reaction, but actually loved it! He did not see it as a problem but as a gift! He was super excited about wearing his new old watch again (and did during the whole test, which last for one complete week)!

As only one person does not represent the whole population, we are going to retest our solution to other people, just to be sure to have a good and purposeful solution.

In next week’s post, we will have more info to share about it!

Have a nice week everyone!