A lot of work

By Taavet Kangur March 8, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover Check-y project

Hello, dear followers of the CHIC Projects!

The Shockeys are working hard on Milestone 3 to give the best overview of our device.  

Diane and Taavet had a long talk with their supervisor, Professor Schmid, about the WHOLE architecture of the device and the possibility of not having access to everything we have now in China if we go there (#thanks Corona).

Maelick did a thorough analysis of the data recorded by our device and is looking at the right way to do it on board.

Nicolas looked for the best place to store the data from the device. We are looking into the Switch Drive, which is a Swiss server service that already hosts a lot of EPFL’s data. So, pretty safe!

Marine is trying to find the right design for the device while the engineers keep changing the location of the sensors to get optimal data.

With everything moving around and getting canceled, we would like to wish you a lovely week, a good rest because of the cancellations, and safe travels wherever you go.

See you next week for a new update !!!

The Shockeys