New turning point for the project

By Loris Gilliand April 19, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover WatchOn project

Hello everybody,

This week we have received some bad news from our team members …

The first and most important one, Lucie, head of the industrial design, leaves the CHIC. Following a discussion with her supervisor, it was decided that she would no longer work on our project due to the lack of design. We wish her all the best in his new project.

To continue, Ricardo, in charge of the electronic part, told us that because of the COVID-19, it will be impossible to access the lab in order to develop the PCB. In agreement with his supervisor, he order a new development kit. This one is much larger than what we wanted.

This news impact on the work of Bastien, our microtechnician. He thinks it’s impossible to integrate such a large device in the first box he design.

This is why we decided to work on two different prototypes. The firs one will be functional but not integrated in one piece while the second one will represent the final objectif of integration.

Because of this pandemic, user tests of the straps and the application are becoming more complicated. We are still looking for a good solutions.

Despite this, there is still good news. Christophe has finished his courses and can therefore start focusing full time on the development of the application. For my part, the development of the backend takes place without too much problem.

We hope that everyone is doing well and that each project can move forward without too much difficulty.

Have a nice week and see you soon.