Milestone 4’s feedback and next steps!

By Bastien Pfister May 11, 2020 Edition CHIC 2019-2020Discover WatchOn project

Hi everyone,

Here’s some news about the WatchOn’s Milestone4 from last Wednesday! The meeting went well and we’ve had a lot of good feedback!

A great job was done to rework for the cleanest and more user-friendly frontend of the app. This was the result of six precious health givers’ feedbacks and improvements. More on that in the next coming weeks!

We also had the chance to work with a brand-new company called Griffin Leathercraft. This partnership allows us to be able to make a real leather prototype within a few hours. In addition, they had great pieces of advice for our future developments.

A small and practical charging station was also presented
last Wednesday and returns were very positive and useful!

Next steps, integrate all the advice in our future developments and move as quickly as possible on version 2.0!

Have a good week to you all and stay tuned for the upcoming updates!