Have you ever tried to teach science to children?


dOry, make science fun!

We polluted our earth, our air and our water for years. Nowadays, even if we are aware of it, we still continue to pollute and use chemicals for agriculture, homecare and industry. However, in developing countries, some initiatives are taking place to reduce and constraint the use of polluting products, but also to inform the population, especially the kids. Environmental education is becoming a popular subject in schools; more and more programs are taking place to raise awareness among the youth. Unfortunately, there is almost no practical nor entertaining way to do that. Teachers give them books, show them videos, refer them to website or even try to do experiments – but it don’t make the pupils feel interested or involved.

dOry is a simple and multifunctional research tool dedicated to kids in the age of 8-14. With its pluggable sensors, it allows them to do measurements about various parameters of the water as temperature, turbidity, and conductivity. All these data can then be understood, analyzed and compared with a software designed for this purpose. The main device is designed to be appealing for kids thanks to its game-console-like appearance and contains a game where pupils will compete and collaborate together during the experiment, making it more fun.

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