Understanding the needs of a baby  is not always easy. That’s why we invented a device that helps parents to better connect to their loved one


fimi is a smart baby-bottle making sure your baby’s milk is at the right temperature.

fimi – the smart baby bottle – consists of specially designed bottle with a removable bottom part that contains all the sensors that will monitor the temperature and quantity of the milk. It can be connected to a smartphone application thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy in order to warn you when the milk is at your baby’s favorite temperature and provide statistical data on when, for how long and how much your baby has drunk. You can then easily compare these values to those of other babies all around the world or show them to your baby’s doctor to get feedback..

Raising a baby is a tiresome and stressful task that requires a lot of attention and care. Especially if it’s their first-born, parents are often not sure about how much their baby should eat and has already eaten. Additionally, at too high preparation temperature proteins inside the milk might be destroyed and if the milk doesn’t cool down enough it might hurt the baby. On the other hand if the bottle gets too cold the baby might reject it and the milk has to be heated up again, which costs time and nerves. Keeping track of all of this by hand is tedious and unnecessary in today’s connected world!

Want to know more about fimi ? Check our website fimi Website

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