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We are an interdisciplinary team whose goal is to work in water management related issues to solve a real problem with a [...]


We are a multidisciplinary team working on an embedded project to improve urban communities.


A work concentrated around improving the condition of office workers by reducing the pressure and the information overlo [...]

CHIC: China Hardware Innovation Camp but also Concrete projects, Handsome experiences, Innumerable meetings with exciting people and Challenges to surpass yourself !

Luca Reut - Team Todoo - CHIC 2017

While CHIC has challenged me as an engineer it has also challenged my understanding of what it needs to launch a product and particularly what incredible possibilities HK/China offers to young entrepreneurs.

Florian Maushart - Team Fimi - CHIC 2015

The main skill challenged during CHIC is effective communication: with your teammates, with your potential costumers, with people in charge of the program, and more importantly with people in China

Adrien Born - Team Okeep - CHIC 2016

CHIC is not only a semester project: it is a human and cultural experience

Dina Elikan - Team Vesta - CHIC 2015

Pitching and networking during CHIC help you exercise your soft skills and urge you to build a solid story for your product that you will use to influence people's response to it

Adrien Born - Team Okeep - CHIC 2016



Dory is a simple and multifunctional research tool dedicated to kids in the age of 8-14. with its pluggable sensors, it [...]


Hibachi is the first self-heating lunchbox that warms your homemade meal to the perfect temperature, everywhere at any t [...]


Older generations have a hard time to adapt to new means of digital communications. Vesta is a connected device adapted [...]


We are protecting children from risks linked to sun exposure thanks to a connected hat.


Todoo is the first watch specially designed for children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) to help them to get on wi [...]


Understanding the needs of a baby is not always easy. that’s why we invented a device that helps parents to better con [...]


Tikku is a pair of connected musical sticks, that will allow you to generate the sound you imagined without any constrai [...]

Trobak, give value to your waste

Trobak is a smart composter that helps you reduce your impact on the planet by sorting your food-waste and turn it into [...]


OKEEP is a connected bicycle helmet for urban areas. It is designed to bring you safety with style. Be seen with front & [...]


A low-priced & connected probe engineered for easy water level assessment.


The first connected mailbox lock that will turn your traditional mailbox into a safe and shared deposit box!

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