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Make your meetings more efficient


Team 4 – 2019-2020 –Enhance the relationship between plants and humans with a modern and new technology.


A smart headband for athletes tomonitor head impacts


Less is more…

CHIC: China Hardware Innovation Camp but also Concrete projects, Handsome experiences, Innumerable meetings with exciting people and Challenges to surpass yourself !

Luca Reut - Team Todoo - CHIC 2017

While CHIC has challenged me as an engineer it has also challenged my understanding of what it needs to launch a product and particularly what incredible possibilities HK/China offers to young entrepreneurs.

Florian Maushart - Team Fimi - CHIC 2015

The main skill challenged during CHIC is effective communication: with your teammates, with your potential costumers, with people in charge of the program, and more importantly with people in China

Adrien Born - Team Okeep - CHIC 2016

CHIC is not only a semester project: it is a human and cultural experience

Dina Elikan - Team Vesta - CHIC 2015

Pitching and networking during CHIC help you exercise your soft skills and urge you to build a solid story for your product that you will use to influence people's response to it

Adrien Born - Team Okeep - CHIC 2016



Understanding the needs of a baby is not always easy. that’s why we invented a device that helps parents to better con [...]


A low-priced & connected probe engineered for easy water level assessment.


Todoo is the first watch specially designed for children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) to help them to get on wi [...]


A smart object that makes it easy to stay focused at work by preventing interruptions from coworkers and apps


Hibachi is the first self-heating lunchbox that warms your homemade meal to the perfect temperature, everywhere at any t [...]

Trobak, give value to your waste

Trobak is a smart composter that helps you reduce your impact on the planet by sorting your food-waste and turn it into [...]


Akane is a tool that will help you manage your noise level in the class room. If it’s to loud , the plant will clo [...]


The first connected mailbox lock that will turn your traditional mailbox into a safe and shared deposit box!


Dory is a simple and multifunctional research tool dedicated to kids in the age of 8-14. with its pluggable sensors, it [...]


Secure, trusted and simple communication for a better healthcare


Tikku is a pair of connected musical sticks, that will allow you to generate the sound you imagined without any constrai [...]


Joy is spontaneous. Our product has it and rents it, whenever you want at the place where you need it the most.


We are an interdisciplinary team whose goal is to make technology understandable by 3 years old kids and useful to respo [...]


A plush toy for kids that connects to their parent’s smartphone.It enables parents to interact and play games with the [...]


We are protecting children from risks linked to sun exposure thanks to a connected hat.


More than a pair of sticks,a connected recovery experience.


Older generations have a hard time to adapt to new means of digital communications. Vesta is a connected device adapted [...]


OKEEP is a connected bicycle helmet for urban areas. It is designed to bring you safety with style. Be seen with front & [...]

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