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With the set of lamps NOX, brighten up the lives of your loved ones takes a new dimension.

The perfect way for improve the collaboration with other studens from different domains.

Axel Collet - Team Shuqi - Edition 2016-2017

Excellent way for students from differents schools & domaine to talk and work together

René Beuchat - Coordinator - HEPIA



Providing educational & technological solutions to help children learn music while having fun!


We are the Geneva Team and on our mission to make this world more organized. With our connected device, you will always [...]

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Professor at hepia and associate research post at epfl, he is specialized in embedded systems design with microcontroller and FPGA. He is teaching at hepia and epfl since more than 30 years with many industrial contacts and projects. Implication in CHIC supervision at hepia and epfl.
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  • René Beuchat

  • Coordinator, Supervisor