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Team from Geneva for CHIC 2019-2020

CHIC truly lets students walk through the whole process leading from ideas to products. A collective problem-solving attitude develops along the way, students gain confidence in their ability to solve complex problems and invent innovative solutions.

Lysianne Léchot - Coordinator - HEAD

With CHIC projects, students will acquire a very precious skill that is not ‘trainable’ any other way. Designers, marketers and engineers working closely together with a single goal.

Camille Sherrer - Supervisor - HEAD

A unique opportunity to cross 3 skills, 3 school, many students arround a single project that required all this 3 skills to become real.

Claudio Colucci - Supervisor - HEAD

Learning how products are manufactured from the very beginning until you’ll have it in your hands.

Camille Sherrer - Supervisor - HEAD

CHIC is hands on, practice based, collaborative, a true learning experience.

Lysianne Léchot - Coordinator - HEAD



Providing educational & technological solutions to help children learn music while having fun!


With the set of lamps NOX, brighten up the lives of your loved ones takes a new dimension.


We are the Geneva Team and on our mission to make this world more organized. With our connected device, you will always [...]

People involved

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  • Claudio Colucci

  • Supervisor
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  • Laura Couto Rosado

  • Supervisor
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  • Francois Dumas

  • Supervisor
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  • Lysianne Léchot Hirt

  • Coordinator
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  • Gordan Savicic

  • Supervisor
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  • Camille Scherrer

  • Supervisor