CHIC 2018-2019 on its way!

By Marc Laperrouza October 28, 2018 Edition CHIC 2018-2019

Exhausted from a very intensive week-end but very glad to have launched a new edition of CHIC full of promises and with very motivated participants.

While the kick-off gave us the opportunity to (re)connect with CHIC alumni and share memories over pizzas and beers, most of the week-end was aimed at identifying an opportunity space to work on. In the spirit of the program, participants were sent into the city on Saturday afternoon to observe and learn first-hand. Braving the cold and the rain, all came back from their ethnographic journey with insights on physical, human and data spaces. Sunday was devoted to turning these insights into opportunity spaces.

The traditional (and highly emotional) team selection process led to the formation of 4 teams for the EPFL-ECAL-UNIL students and 1 team from HEPIA-HEAD and HEG. All with quite unusual names:

  • вкусив (working on energy footprints)
  • Snooze (working on wasted time)
  • T-Ψ (working on stress)
  • Zhu Zhu (working on wasted space)
  • Another 404 Monday (working on loneliness)
  • The teams now have 4 weeks to revisit their initial opportunity space by conducting in-depth interviews and observations.

Great thanks to our usual sponsors and partners (EPFL, Canton de Vaud, UNIL, EPFL-ECAL-Lab, ECAL, HEPIA, HEAD and HEG) as well as to all the CHIC Faculty and coaches who joined us during the kick-off.

CHIC 20182-2019 low-tech social network

CHIC 2018-2019 participants

Pitching opportunity spaces