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Getting ready for Milestone 5

June 21, 2020

Hi all, I hope you're doing well. The WatchOn team is reaching Milestone 5 (24 June) and we are working to get ready for it. In terms of Software, the [...]

Final blog post

June 17, 2020

This is our final team blog post, Roots. The last milestone, two weeks ago, didn't really close our yearly collaboration as we had to stay close for everyone's exams (ECAL [...]

One year

June 4, 2020

Hi everyone! It's with sadness that I write this last blog post from the Shockeys…   What a year have we spent together!   We have reached Milestone 5 with [...]

We are back with an update !

May 27, 2020

We have been gone for a while and an update is long long due. Let’s start with a small refresher: Our device combats hearing loss for workers in the building [...]

Final stretch before Milestone 5

May 25, 2020

Hi everyone! We hope you’re all doing well. It was another productive week for the Shockeys. We met twice as a team to work on our logo, color palette, and [...]

Getting things done

May 18, 2020

The two past weeks since MS4 were very productive for the Shockeys team. On the engineering side, Maëlick has been actively working with his supervisor, Dr. Benjamin Ricaud, to find [...]

Last finalizing steps

May 15, 2020

Hi all! During last 2 weeks we've been refining the PCB and schematic design (there are always errors to be found!) and we are now almost ready to send our [...]

Milestone 4’s feedback and next steps!

May 11, 2020

Hi everyone, Here's some news about the WatchOn's Milestone4 from last Wednesday! The meeting went well and we've had a lot of good feedback! A great job was done to [...]

MS4 and the road to MS5

May 7, 2020

Hello to all Shockeys' followers! We're happy to announce that Milestone 4 is behind us and that it went well. We were able to present our current design made by [...]

As simple as possible

May 2, 2020

Hello everybody ! Hope everyone is doing well ! I lot of progress have been done by the team recently in order to get ready for MS4. We got a [...]

May 1, 2020

Hello everyone, During last week we finalized our prototype and we started thinking about the battery consumption and integration within the plastic case. We also thought about how we could [...]


April 26, 2020

Hello all CHIC followers !   Working has got you down ? Us too !!! We’ve been trying our best to meet the goals we all set for us in [...]

WatchOn’s brand is out! 🎉

April 26, 2020

Hi everyone, This week has been really busy. After weeks of hard work and iterations, we are happy to announce that the final WatchOn brand is out 🥳🎉 Its logo [...]

Roots – Applant – Progress

April 26, 2020

Hi all. The last week was dedicated to the development of our PCB, which is now almost done, and to the finalization of our electronic circuit. A severe modification happened [...]

A busy Easter break

April 20, 2020

Hi everyone!   This week was rather relaxed as all five team members are technically on Easter break. Yet, we all know that the CHIC program never really pauses. Therefore, [...]

New turning point for the project

April 19, 2020

Hello everybody, This week we have received some bad news from our team members ... The first and most important one, Lucie, head of the industrial design, leaves the CHIC. [...]

Roots Progress

April 17, 2020

Recap of what is up, for the engineering team of ROOTS Our team, roots, has encountered many problems since this confinement. This post will relate them and explain the solutions [...]

Back from pandemic

April 14, 2020

Hi everyone, The Shockeys hope you're doing well at home and that you had a good Easter! We believed that five motivated students, working on an incredible project, with a [...]

Our meeting from last week

April 13, 2020

Hi everyone, We hope you had a happy Easter with your relatives. With this message, I'd like to sum up our talks from last week. The project is going on [...]

Focus on the device’s size and design

April 12, 2020

Hi everyone, We hope that you all had a great week-end! During this time, we focused our efforts on improving our design, especially to make things smaller. A great work [...]

The prjoect continues

April 8, 2020

It's time for a little update on the current status of our work, since a lot of progress was made during last month. Our idea of a connected sensor that [...]

Design and CoVID-19

April 6, 2020

Hello everybody, Recently we had the opportunity to meet with our supervisors for the milestone 3. Since there we have and are reconsidering the design of our strap. We are [...]

Milestone 3 and Covid-19

April 4, 2020

Despite the confinement, we continue to work on our project. The last two weeks we redefined and planned again our objectives for the project. Because of the school lockdown, we [...]

Milestone 3 & lockdown

March 29, 2020

We've just had our milestone 3 check up this week. Since we are all in a semi-lockdown period, the meeting had to be done online. 21st century connectivity has its [...]

Home Office for Milestone 3

March 24, 2020

Hi everyone, We hope everyone is well in this period of isolation. After this first week at home, the team was still able to progress towards MS3. The branding is [...]

Milestone 3 and coronavirus

March 22, 2020

Hi everyone! We hope you're all healthy and at home during these unusual times.   Due to the current situation, the CHIC project has been put on hold for all EPFL [...]

Work in Progress

March 17, 2020

Milestone 3 is now approaching and many things have changed since Milestone 2 ( among which a global epidemic), but our initial idea of connecting people to plants through technology [...]

Work in progress for Milestone 3

March 16, 2020

Hi everyone, We hope you are all doing well! From our side, we keep on working to have our first prototype ready as soon as possible. We are currently focusing [...]

The development continues

March 15, 2020

Hey everyone, The development continues in order to archieve our goals for milestone 3. The current situation won't stop us to develop our solution ! Each members of the team [...]

Spaghetti and pie, and amazing things in the sky.

March 9, 2020

Since Milestone 2 the team members have been concentrating on their respective fields of expertise. Business has been digging into pie charts, with the first results back from our desirability [...]

Work work and work

March 8, 2020

Hello everybody, So far so good ! The tests that we have been doing on the patients are positives, which means that the patient doesn’t reject the strap. From the [...]

A lot of work

March 8, 2020

Hello, dear followers of the CHIC Projects! The Shockeys are working hard on Milestone 3 to give the best overview of our device.   Diane and Taavet had a long talk [...]

How about a pole?

March 6, 2020

Hi everybody, finally, we start to receive a lot of response from our quantitative survey, we invited a couple of associations of disabled people to transmit the quantitative questionnaire in [...]

Pieces are coming together

March 4, 2020

Hi everyone!   The past weeks have been tough for the world as the outbreak of coronavirus is spreading across the world and has hit Switzerland. Thankfully, the Shockeys are [...]

Good news for the team

March 1, 2020

Good evening everyone, This week has been very encouraging for us. Since the lift-off weekend, we had a few doubts about the desirability of our watch strap. As was rightly [...]


February 27, 2020

Hello everyone, Last week has been pretty intense but productive, after last meeting each one of us has a clear idea of what is to be done next: Alan is [...]

Kickstarting the Spring Semester

February 25, 2020

Hi everyone! Last week was really packed with Milestone 2 and the lift-off weekend. This week was a bit lighter for our team. Marine is (finally!) enjoying her holidays. The [...]

Catching up

February 20, 2020

Now that we knew exactly what we’ll be creating we caught up all the work other teams did during the lift-off weekend and defined personal tasks to everyone to make [...]


February 18, 2020

Hello everyone, Over the weekend, we decided what we're going to do for the next few weeks. We are going to test our four prototypes during meetings and decide which [...]